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iCoder 2020

By StarInix Corporation

CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS at your fingertips at all times.

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Anesthesia Calculator built-in

On iCoder 2020

Base units, conversion factors and payment amount by locality.

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Customizable favorite's list

On iCoder 2020

Create unlimited folders and synchronize them across your devices.

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Core Features iCoder 2020 features

Feature 1

Specialty Guide

The specialty guide is an interactive guide of CPT codes by specialty or topic.

Feature 2

24/7 Support

We answer your emails within 24 hours or less, StarInix is always there for you if you need us. Want to talk to us? let us know, we'll call you back!

Feature 3

Let go of your books!

Let go off your books with peace of mind, iCoder browses just like a book without the hassle of manually looking for a code.

Feature 4

10 years on the market

iCoder has been improving for the last 10 years, making it the best mobile coding app on the app store, no other app comes close.

iCoder Media Our user guide and presentation

Feature 1

User Guide for iCoder 2020

Learn about all the features of iCoder and how to use them.

Why iCoder 2020

Learn why you should choose iCoder to do your medical coding.

iCoder Videos What's in iCoder

iCoder Pricing Competitive pricing that beats buying a book

Full Version

$ 79.99

  • Complete 2020 AMA CPT database
  • Anesthesia Fee Calculator
  • Complete musculoskeletal browser
  • Complete guideline browser
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Highly Recommended 99% of our customers recommend us!

"If you are like me you want to know RIGHT THEN if what you're billing is accurate, needs a modifier, & most importantly what the UCR is to assure you meet your cost of service! You get all of this @ your fingertips w/o taking 45 min thumbing through an ICD 9 or CPT book that's 10 inches thick! Get rid of your books & have it all in ONE app!"

bfrensley bfrensley / @bfrensley

"The instrument I represent can perform both ICG and FA angiography. One of my prospects was interested but was having some difficulty justifying the cost. In a matter of seconds I was able to give him a very quick approximation of the reimbursement for a combined FA/ICG study. Naturally the clinical benefit of having the FA/ICG angiograms is paramount but being able to prove to the administrators that the ROI with my instrument is solid with the help of iCoder was very helpful in closing several purchases. Cheers!"

Eva C Jeff / @Jeff

"Quick, accurate, intuitive and easy to use. I especially like the ability to create my "favorites" list for faster reference. Worth every penny!"

tlagyn tlagyn /