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 Free Database Compare 2.0


The StarInix Database Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two databases and display all the differences between them. Supported databases include: SQL Server (All Editions), MySQL and Access databases. You can compare two different databases, like access and SQL 2000. It will also allow you to create snapshots of a database and compare a live database to an snapshot. A database structure viewer is included.

 Screenshot  Database Comparison screenshot 

 Key Features


  • Its Free
  • Will compare 3 different types of database using the same user friendly interface.
  • Take snapshots of the structure of the database and review it later.
  • Snapshots can be saved anywhere, allowing you to take snapshots of any database for reviewing later.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Compare two online database connections.
  • Compare an online database connection to an off-line snapshot.
  • Compare two off-line snapshots.
  • Use integrated or user based security.
  • Compares: views, constraints, stored procedures, functions, tables and fields.
  • Compare Access database to an SQL Server database.
  • Compare Access database to a MySQL database.
  • Compare Access database to another Access database.
  • Compare MySQL Database to an SQL Server Database.
  • Compare SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.






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